Frequently occurring map oversights

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This is an internal document
This is an internal document meant for RTL contributors. This document might contain spoilers, early plans, and behind-the-scenes stuff not meant for the public audience.

Welcome to the list of frequently occurring map oversights, conveniently abbreviated as a FOMO.

This list includes recurring map errors and also mapmaking errors that had lore mental gymnastics applied.


Aland (Sweden)

  • The error: Shows up as Finnish in older maps, and Swedish in Newer maps (post-GW).
  • Resolution: Sweden keeps it after the GW, given to them by NatReps to appease them and guarantee neutrality.

Azores/Madeira (Portugal)

  • Error: Showed up as Spanish in some maps.
  • Resolution: Irreconcilable error. Just make sure it's Portuguese in new maps.

Southeast Asia

Soenda/Timor borders

  • Error: Sumbawa and Lomboc keeps on changing ownership from Spanish/Dutch.
  • Resolution: Please see the map on the Timor page. Lore justification: Spain offers to purchase the two islands from NL in 1911. It becomes part of Timor.