Bhupathi Deshamukha

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Bhupathi Deshamukha
Personal details
Born8 November 1911
Rustamabad, Hyderabad, British India

Bhupathi Kembhavi Ramamoorthy Deshamukha (born 8 November 1911) was a Carnatic landowner and physician who served as the two-time Prime Minister of the Carnatic from 1966 to 1972 and 1979 to 1983. He is known for his key role in the creation of the Omid-e-Daulat public health program in Hyderabad as well as his militant handling of the Pondicherri crisis of 1965–1973.

Early life: 1911–1948

Bhupathi was born on 8 November 1911 into a Canarese-speaking Deshastha Brahmin family. His parents, Ramamoorthy Rai and Hebba Vijayaguru, were natives of Kembhavi, an agrahara (religious fief) part of the Kingdom of Hyderabad.

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