Alexandru Dragoş

From Roses, Tulips, & Liberty
Alexandru Dragoş pictured in 1943

Alexandru Dragoş (11 November 1886 - 30 September 1948) was a Romanian politician and diplomat. He served as the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of a unified Romania.

Early Life

Alexandru was born in Suceava, Moldavia. His father, Matei Dragoş, was a merchant who often travelled across Moldavia, as well as to neighbouring Wallachia and Russia. Because of this, the Dragoş family moved from city to city seeking better business opportunities.

In 1903, Alexandru moved to the Moldavian capital of Jassy (Romanian: Iași) to study law at the University of Jassy. He would drop out in 1904 and serve as a conscript in the Moldavian Army, only to return to the university and redo his degree. There he became popular among students and infamous amount faculty, owing to his newly discovered charisma and skill as an orator, as well as his radical views. While still at university, he would join various pan-Romanian revolutionary clubs.


Dragoş grew popular among the revolutionaries in Moldavia and Wallachia. He would get acquainted with Marcu Teodorescu during the All-Romanian Conference of 1930, after which they became ideological allies with a cordial relationship.