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This page contains a list of terminologies used in Roses, Tulips, & Liberty.



Short for Autonomous National Republic (see entry Autonomous National Republic).

American Way

A concept developed in New Netherland in the 1930s, that promoted the close cooperation of American nations.

Autonomous National Republic

A subnational administrative unit under a larger National Republican country (commonly Russia), with semi-autonomy.


An philosophy created by political theorist Faramund Scheider, promoting a united German republic.

National Republicanism

A nationalist political theory first developed in Russia, advocating a "national rebirth" and the overthrow of old conservative ideas (see: Russia).


A conservative and authoritarian political theory espoused by Austria during the early 20th century. It rejects the idea of a united German state, while promoting the hegemony of the multiethnic Austrian Empire.


Another name for National Republicanism; from Russian восстановление (vosstanovlenie), meaning restoration. (see: Russia)

Sister Republic

In the context of National Republicanism, a nominally independent and sovereign country, modelled after the Russian National Republic, that maintains close economic and military ties to Russia.



Spondisti is a term used to describe people born in North Africa, primarily of Venetian, Genoan, and Neapolitan descent, with some Christian Arab communities having assimilated into the group as well. The Spondisti are the descendants of settlers from Venice and Genoa, which colonized parts of North Africa, including Numidia and Tunisia, during the 19th century.


An African Christian diaspora religion developed in South Tussenland, centered around the belief in a supreme creator, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the pursuit for truth, freedom, and homeland. (see: Zoekerism)

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