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Welcome to our Roses, Tulips, and Liberty's main glossary. This is a detailed index of the unique terminologies used in this alternate timeline.

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Index of Glossaries[edit | edit source]

All terminologies[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

S[edit source]

Descendants of 19th-century Venetian, Genoan, and Neapolitan settlers in North Africa, including assimilated Christian Arab communities, primarily in Numidia and Tunisia. From Quarta Sponda d'Italia (fourth shore of Italy).

Z[edit source]

An African Christian diaspora religion developed in South Tussenland, centered around the belief in a supreme creator, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the pursuit for truth, freedom, and homeland (see: Zoekerism).

Politics[edit | edit source]

A[edit source]

autonomous national republic
autonomous national-republic
a semi-autonomous first-level administrative division in National Republican nations, allowing for local self-governance while remaining part of the larger nation.
American Way
a concept developed in New Netherland in the 1930s, that promoted the close cooperation of American nations.

F[edit source]

a philosophy created by political theorist Faramund Scheider, promoting a united German republic.

N[edit source]

national republicanism
A nationalist political theory first developed in Russia, advocating a "national rebirth" and the overthrow of old conservative ideas (see: National republicanism
A conservative and authoritarian political theory espoused by Austria during the early 20th century. It rejects the idea of a united German state, while promoting the hegemony of the multiethnic Austrian Empire.

S[edit source]

sister republic
In the context of National Republicanism, a nominally independent and sovereign country, modelled after the Russian National Republic, that maintains close economic and military ties to Russia.

V[edit source]

Another name for National Republicanism; from Russian восстановление (vosstanovlenie), meaning restoration. (see: National republicanism)

Technology[edit | edit source]

S[edit source]

an astronaut

V[edit source]

method of conveyance or transport (c. 1650)

W[edit source]

four-wheeled vehicle (15thc. English waggon < Middle Dutch waghen; reinforced by Dutch/Flemish influence on England)