Sardinian Independence War

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Sardinian Independence War

Sardinian fighters hold a defensive position.
DateJune 11th 1756 - November 18th 1760
Result Formation of the Kingdom of Sardinia
Kingdom of France Sardinia
Commanders and leaders

Charles Boyer

Augustin Dieulafoy

Konstantine I Barrueco

José Vaganay
25,000 23,000
Casualties and losses
8,510 4,633

The Sardinian Independence War (Sardinian: Gherra cum Libertade) was a conflict between the newly formed Kingdom of Sardinia and the Kingdom of France that lasted from 1756 to 1760. Most of the conflict occurred in the northern half of Sardinia, in and around the city of Sassari, however the final offensive of the war saw the fighting shift to the capital city of Cagliari. Some historians consider this war to be continued fighting in the larger Great Silesian War, but this is not a universally accepted claim.


Declaration of Independence

Initial Fighting

French Invasion

Assault on Cagliari

Treaty of Oristano