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Prohibitionist also known as the Children of Elijah, the League for New Zion and the Great Redeemers is a Protestant Christian denomination from Virginian. Founded by Edward Wilson (Father Elijah or Elijah I) in 1868, the movement began as a Baptist ministry but eventually split of from the main branch as Wilson began to preach of "special gifts" such as healing the sick and communicating with the dead. Wilson believed he could converse with Biblical prophets and they gave warnings of the end times. The end of the Third Anglo-Virginian War and the Economic Crash of 1875, caused many to join Wilson as they believed the end times were near.

During the Purge of Dissenters, the Prohibitionists were targeted by Protector Matthew Washington and Wilson was killed in 1878. The group was banned and forced underground, but continued to operate under Allan Brown (Elijah II). Their name derives from the belief that after Baptism one may be able to gain a special gift so long as they abstain from sin and a list of prohibitions were developed. The list ranges from sex outside of marriage to wearing types of clothes.

The Prohibitionist remained a small group until the Fall of the Third Republic. Gregory Kelvin (Elijah IV) had prophesied a great conflict and began to arm his followers. When the Virginian Civil War began, the Prohibitionists rose up and took most of Spotswood. During the brutal Pennsborough Campaign, John Seymour (Joshua I) slaughtered thousands, but to the Black Forces it was needed victory after several defeats by other coalitions. Many joined the Prohibitionist due to their ability to win battles and more efficient distribution of supplies. As the Green and Orange Forces were defeated, Elijah IV removed his political rivals from power during the Days of Turmoil and declared the new nation the State of Virginia with him as Patriarch.

The Prohibition Era was scared with the ethnic cleansing of Amerikaeners, the oppression of Catholics and Zoerkerists, and construction of labor camps across the nation. William Anderson (Elijah V) would bring about the of Prohibitionists rule by attempting to ban the consumption of alcohol in Virginia. Soldiers sent to suppress the Pub Riots instead joined them and William Black, leader of the Martyrs, return to Virginia. This all led to the Conservative Coup in 1934 with the Prohibitionist removed from power and Anderson arrested. The Prohibitionist would face many reprisals in the following years and its political party outlawed until 1985.

Today, the Prohibitionist are the fastest growing religion in Virginia mainly stemming from large families due to their prohibition on birth control. They operate one of the largest charitable foundations in the country, the Virginian Humane Society, and continue to champion racial equality. The current Patriarch, Robert Bradford (Elijah XIII), has denied seeking political office, but many in have urged him to worrying many around the country.

Elijah I (1868-78)

Elijah II (1878-1895

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