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The term Amerikaener (Dutch: Amerikaaner) is an endonymic term referring to a specific group of peoples and cultures based in northern America. They are defined by the Amerikaens language and Dutch cultural and/or ethnic origin. First coined in the 17th century, it has various usages and has had different definitions and scopes over time.

History and origin


Amerikaeners can be found mostly across northern America. However, they have significant communities in other parts of the Americas (such as Boschland) and throughout the world.


As an ethnonational term

The word Amerikaener is most used as a way to describe the macroethnicity of Amerikaener, in a similar fashion to the terms Arab and Malay. Generally, Tussenlanders, New Netherlanders, Vrÿlanders & Amerikaens-speaking Boers in northern Mexico unambiguously fall under the category of Amerikaener. On the other hand, the term is much less universal when used by Opdamslanders, South Tussenlanders & Boschlanders to self-reference in certain political or social contexts.

As a term for citizenship

It functions as a primary demonym for referring to the citizens of New Netherland. It is not used to specifically refer to the citizenry of any other Amerikaens states.

As a cultural term

Often, the terms Amerikaens & Amerikaener have been used to describe the shared cultural traits shared amongst the Amerikaens-speaking peoples of America. These include a shared experience as settlers, a common social attitude, aspects of their material culture, and a common political appeal in favour of "republican values".

As a derogatory term

As a political term




While Amerikaens is generally considered to be the defining trait of Amerikaener nationhood, several other linguistic communities that exist within majority Amerikaener nations often consider themselves Amerikaeners as well. The Anglophone community of New Anglia and the Francophone communities of Tussenland fall under this category. However, this identification is situational and often corresponds to socioeconomic status and geography.


Amerikaeners are overwhelming Christian. The largest denominations are Calvinist, Lutheran, and Catholic. The Dutch Reformed Church is the largest religious institution in Amerikaener countries along with the Roman Catholic Church. Smaller denominations include Orthodoxy, Venerationism, Redemptionism, Salvationism, Baptism, and Presbyterianism. The largest non-Christian communities are Buddhists, Zoekerists, and small populations of Jews and Muslims.

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